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Favourite books: Sad Book by Michael Rosen

Welcome to the Friday Club Carnival, a weekly carnival held here. This week’s Carnival is all about favourite books and you’ll find links to other bloggers’ favourite books at the end of this post.


rosen book One of my favourite books is Sad Book by Michael Rosen. As a family, we’ve had much use out of this book over the last two years and I recommend it to anyone who is going through a very sad time or who is helping someone else come to terms with loss or sadness.

It is not a book to read to anyone who is not sad, just so you know :).

Rosen wrote the Sad Book after losing his teenage son Eddie to illness and you can feel the ache and loss in every word he writes. Illustrations are by Quentin Blake and are sparse but incredibly detailed and also weirdly vibrant, capturing the really difficult range of emotions that Rosen’s words portray.

I think what I like about it most is that it is dark and bleak because if you are sad, you feel dark and bleak and you want to know that that’s ok; that other people feel like that too when they are sad.

back coverHis words show how despair, anger and hopelessness are part of sadness and that’s what you feel for a while. But then those times give ways to memories and those memories can make you happy and give you hope for the future.

Be warned, you will read this and cry.

If you’re reading it as a family, you may have a little group cry.

If you don’t need this book now, feel blessed. And remember it for the future because it is wonderful, even if the subject matter is not.

You can buy Sad Book in the UK here and in the US here (apologies for leaving you out if you’re from elsewhere!)

What’s your favourite book?

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Organising tips for the home: laundry tips

Welcome to the Friday Club Carnival, a weekly carnival held here. This week’s Carnival is all about organising tips for the home and you’ll find links to other organising tips at the end of this post.

My quick tip is very simple and is good if you have a large family. I expect many of you already do it, but when I thought of it, it transformed one of my least favourite chores: laundry.

There are six of us in our house, including four boys with remarkably similar sized bottoms and feet. So you can imagine that underwear washing is a really fun time for me! Not only the fun of picking up dirty socks and pants thrown about all over their bedrooms but then having to sort them and pair them when they were clean and dry.

But in the store one day I spotted a pack of three laundry bags. I already use these to wash delicate items but then I realised I could use them to make laundry much easier.

So now each person has a laundry bag at the end of their bed and I have trained them to put their dirty underwear straight into the bag (so no more grovelling around under the bed for me!) and then I throw the bags straight into the wash, then into the dryer and then I empty the clean items straight back into their respective drawers. I buy socks all the same colour so they can always find a matching pair from the loose socks in the drawer.

What used to take me at least an hour probably takes me no more than a few minutes now. And that makes me very happy.

You don’t want to let the bag get too full or else the items won’t wash properly. I have two bags for each child so that there is a clean bag to hang straight up or else there will be dirty underwear strewn about the place (it takes them no time at all to revert to bad habits πŸ™‚ ). That way I also don’t have to hurry to get clean underwear back to drawers if I am busy.

What tip has made life easier for you?


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