Christmas traditions: Christmas Kisses

christmas lightsDue to the fact that I have four children in three different schools and our afternoon school run starts at 2.50pm and ends at 5.10pm, we spend a great deal of time in the car these days. This excessively long school run was only supposed to be a short-term arrangement but it has dragged on rather longer than we would like because we couldn’t sell our house. So our opportunities for Christmas traditions were much more limited this year. In previous years we have had traditions like Advent Reading by candlelight as well as our usual Christmas traditions but this year we added a new one, a game started partly out of desperation on my part as a way of keeping the children amused in the car (and looking out the window so as not to feel car-sick) which then became a tradition because the initial game grew to take on a pleasure of its own amongst the children.

They called the game Christmas Kisses and it simply involved them shouting out ‘Christmas kisses!‘ every time we drove past some Christmas lights. Each sighting gained them a point, then at bedtime I owed them as many kisses as points they had garnered. It makes me smile even now thinking about the delight they took in knowing I owed them thirty-six kisses (thirty-six kisses Mummy!) at bedtime and the joy it gave me to give them those thirty-six kisses, especially as sometimes the witching hour and bedtime is a bit fraught and shouty as four children run around half-naked unable to follow (or it seems even to hear) the most basic instructions to get their teeth brushed and so on, so that by the time it comes to tuck them in I’m more of the kiss and run (straight to the wine bottle) type girl. Thirty-six kisses takes time and quietens even the most rambunctious little boy and softens even the most stressed-out mother.

Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the best.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas traditions: Christmas Kisses

  1. Judith

    There are several strange and curious Christmas customs, many of which evolved through ancient pagan rituals. However, the most interesting one is the ‘Kissing under the Mistletoe’. In the Victorian epoch, Kissing under the Mistletoe was considered as an unofficial declaration of the soon-to-be-announced engagement. It was considered unlucky and unfortunate not to be kissed, that meant, you probably were going to miss the bus to the best institution of the human condition… Marriage. Let me add, its shelf life is just a year or so, and not for a lifetime.(Basked in a sigh of relief?… Good!)


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