Kate Moss wedding photographs

kate moss weddingThe September issue of Vogue magazine has the Mario Testino photographs of Kate Moss’s wedding. I love the bohemian, country feel and this picture is just stunning. You can see the rest of the photographs here.

What do you think of the pictures?

Photo: Vogue

6 thoughts on “Kate Moss wedding photographs

  1. Katie

    She looks gorgeous doesn’t she although I don’t envy her having to be in charge of all those bridesmaids and pageboys, I hope she had a good maid of honour to do that!

  2. helloitsgemma

    I love them – there is something captivating about Kate Moss, not just because she looks beautiful, it more that I imagine she’s charismatic. I thouht the wedding photos looked amazing. Thanks for sharing link, I shall check out.
    Very happy Friday Club is back! X

  3. Wedding Deals

    This is the nice photo. Kate Moss is looking so wonderful on her wedding day and she also looking so happy, because it is the memorable day of her life.


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